A this pace…

… we’ll get to 10 blog posts by 2034. I suppose the answer to the question that I last posed is: Not to blog! I am very bad at it. However, I’ve got a lot of new ideas that I’m excited to work on, most involving my interest in blogging and podcasting about sports, politics, love advice, you know, anything where I can just tell people what to do and where to stick it. I’ve found I’m quite good at that. I’d be sure to update you about it in two or three years!

About Lauren

Lauren Young is a singer/songwriter who has been compared to Natalie Merchant, Joan Baez, Neko Case, and Cat Power. Her debut album, Active But Odd was released in 2010 and she is already working on more projects. Lauren has been described as having one of the greatest singing voices of all time. Powerful and rich, but also sweet and soulful, Lauren's voice alone is worth checking her out. Now that's how I'd describe myself when I have to be presentable. Yeah, my cover shows are amazing. My voice will knock your socks off (in the best possible way, of course)... but if you ask me about me, for really-reals, this is what I'd have to say: Lauren Young hails from the grizzly streets of suburban West Baltimore in the 1980s, where the bikes rode harder and the neighborhood kids refused to play with her. She spent most of her formative years locked in the basement pretending to be a pony. Allowed out of her subterranean prison only to watch Dynasty, Lauren's first full sentence was, "God damn it Alexis, I'm tired of your lies!" Other than that, most vocalizations were just whinnies. By her teenage years, Lauren took to menthol cigarettes and bourbon to dull the pain. She had long since come to grips with the fact that she would never spontaneously turn into an ungulate, and in an attempt to compensate, filled her life with country music and ABBA b-sides. After realizing in high school that she was a horrible actress, Lauren turned her attention to the guitar. She wasnt very good at that, either, but she could strum some chords and put together lyrics that werent total nonsense. Thus, the music of Lauren Young was born! Nowadays Lauren has honed her skills, the guitar playing is quite nice, and the songs are worthy of a listen or two. She's even had a turn at acting again, and this time she seems to be pulling it off. Come see a show or order the cd, and see how far that pony girl has come!
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